26 Mar 2016

Wedded Warhursts - A Hope Awakens (Trailer 01)

First Trailer for the combined Wedding & Honeymoon Movie of The Wedded Warhursts; Colin & Hazel. On June 26th 2015, The Starfleet Captain & The Fairy Queen were married and set off on Honeymoon around Europe thanks to the generosity and love of their Friends & Family. This is the story of that Epic Romantic Adventure...

Second Trailer Due Soon!

23 Feb 2016

We Just Keep Bubblin' Up - Aniff Akinola, Music Video

Earlier this year, our friends and previous collaborators at Black Arm music hooked us up with musical legend Aniff Akinola (of VooDoo Ray fame amongst many other things) to work on a music video with a twist...

16 Nov 2015

Tomorrow At noon - Accepted at Zelaous X Festival, London 2016

Well look at which humble film from waaay back in 2014 has made it to the FINAL FIFTEEN films to be showcased at the Zealous.X Festival in London, Jan 2016. So proud of everyone's work on this film, still turning heads! xxx
Our wee film TOMORROW AT NOON is one of only 15 films on as part of a multimedia festival lasting 10 days.
7th-17th : January, Main Space, Zealous X Festival, Richmix, Shoreditch
Anyone in London around that time to go and have a look?

26 Apr 2015

Dead Man Switch (Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge 2015) - ShortFilm

DEAD MAN SWITCH - #SFL48HR 2015 Challenge from Colin Warhurst on Vimeo.

This year is all a bit hectic on the Real Life (tm) front, as I'm getting married! As such, when this year's call to arms went out for the NORTH WEST AVENGERS to assemble a team for the 2015 48 Hour Sci Fi challenge, it was a one done so at the very last minute. Indeed, many of the Avengers are onto massive new projects at the moment, and so could not divert time away even for such a fun challenge.

We had such a great time last year, and I also wanted my hat trick... And so we managed to re-team with Graphics whizz Darren McGinn and editor extraordinaire Sion Roberts and managed to make this little something in just two days... We hope you enjoy!